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The Conference Board of Canada
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Canadian Made Leader in Labour Market Analytics

We are Canada's leader in real-time Big Data labour market information solutions.

Our Mission

To increase the transparency and efficiency of Canada’s labour markets by empowering job seekers, employers, industry associations, educators, researchers, and policy-makers with robust data to make informed decisions.

Our Core Values

  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Relentless Innovation
  • Respect for People, Communities and the Environment
  • Collaboration and Partnerships
  • Operational Excellence

Our Data & Tools

Our data and tools are used by Canadian employers, job seekers, researchers, economists and economic developers. Subscribers to our solutions include provincial ministries, municipalities, universities, colleges, and non-profit organizations, from Atlantic Canada to British Columbia.

Our Origin Story

We were founded in 2006 as a social enterprise with the goal to make Canada’s job markets more transparent and efficient, by taking advantage of the latest online and big data technologies.

In 2006, we launched North America’s first hybrid job aggregator and job board service to help job seekers find work close to home, and reduce their commuting time and carbon footprint.

In 2007, our mission and core data solutions took shape—when economic developers said, “we don’t have any recent or reliable information about local labour supply or demand”.

In the years since, we have continued our tradition of relentless innovation! We are now recognized as having the best real-time Canadian centric labour market data.