Using artificial intelligence (AI) and cutting edge natural language processing and big data technologies, we provide a range of data, labour market solutions, and consulting services.

  • Validate and align programs with the needs of industry
  • Inform students about careers options
  • Measure performance and impact
  • Publish leading edge research
  • Examine the specific employers and occupations that drive your community
  • Build the “right” talent pipeline
  • Identify emerging skills and competencies
  • Inform new career pathways
  • Help jobseekers find meaningful employment
  • Bring focus to business services and outreach
  • Understand your local employers
  • Spot trends by sector and key employers
  • Market your community's competitive advantages
  • Build the “right” talent pipeline
  • Attract new businesses
  • Benchmark your community against competitors
  • Explore job demand by occupation by employer
  • Compare demand by location
  • View advertised wages or salaries
  • Position skills or education against employer requirements
  • Present viable career paths
  • Identify inclusive employers by sector or occupation
  • Examine employer hiring by equity deserving group
  • Establish baseline metrics on which to measure progress
  • Derive and share best hiring practices supporting EDI
Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at Vicinity Jobs

Consulting Services

Get expert recommendations for your toughest challenges. Our team will work with you to develop custom solutions to meet your needs. This could be technical guidance, new APIs, custom analysis, and report creation.

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